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u will become a prestige diver. If u can, i advise u sign on. Ur career will be sibei relax after ndu training.

1. size no issue. i have friends are those 165 cm. as long as no vision issue should be no prolem.

2 u will undergo testing to see if u have hearing issue or any other related issue to diving. if no issue = u confirm get selected.

3. Perks? U become fit, and girls will be attracted to u. If u do well, got chance to sign on. the batch pretty small each year so u will be elite and have close ties with ur friend and officers.

4. Better train ur running stamina and calisthenics and do about 15 pull up comfortably and run 10 min flat 2.4km , u should be able to take it easier.

If u are those cant do pull up type and cant run... prepare to suffer and be trained into one. i advise u faster train up fitness before u enlist to ndu.. life will be easier.
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