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Actually for data for scanning of those dumb qrcode and WhatsApp

Let's assume 2gb a month

Actually prepaid or postpaid cheaper?
Postpaid. Cos the SIM-Only war made 3GB-6GB plans already at $10 or less per month. VIVIFI Lite (3GB), redONE Amazing8 (3GB), Giga 5GB (5GB), MyRepublic Lite (6GB), TPG 50GB SIM Only (50GB).
On prepaid, 1GB 30 day plan is alr $10/month. No talktime, no SMS bundle etc.

Of course, if you take advantage of port in promos on SingTel and M1 Prepaid, your actual payment of $10/mth will be reduced significantly. But it depends whether you want to plan for all these or not, which can be quite tedious.
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