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Was spending the weekend deploying WS. You are spot on on the "Thin clients, thick servers" model. Cloud wise I will likely just save my snapshot on Glacier for offsite purposes.

This seems to be the only workable solution for now. Thanks again for your insights
Glacier ? S3 you mean ?

Will it be applicable to you, run a Windows server or Linux server in AWS EC2. Off it when you don't need it ? When you are not running the server, you are only charged for the cost of the EBS volume. Lets assume you need 100GB of space in Singapore region, that will be USD12/month.

If you learn some basic AWS API commands which could be easily coded on an unix environment via shell script, or if you prefer using Python or JS SDK. You can easily start/stop the instances, perform EBS snapshot and then deprovision the instances, provision by recovering from EBS snapshot. EBS snapshots are stored in S3, you will be paying a lower cost at USD5/month.

The difference approaches is how responsive you get your machine start and stop remotely.

For computing power, you can choose on-demand, or spot pricing. Spot has it caveats, but generally works for me for short workload.
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