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1) To be honest, it is hard to tell you the chances.. Even if the chance is low, you might still "stand" a chance to be audited. For discount, you can check out the Lazada Apple Flagship store or consider refurbished unit which is as good as new.

2) If you are going to bring out the MacBook Air often and going to use it heavily, then the Apple Care+ is worth it. It extends the warranty by 2 years to get a total of 3 years.
1) I don't mind getting refurbished, but as this model is new, there is none. The refurbished MacBook air all comes with the widely known problematic butterfly switches keyboard.

2) I do not foresee the MacBook Air to be used out of the home. It will be a 99% home based laptop, maybe brought out of home a few times a year (hardly). It will be a casual laptop, nothing too serious (I already have a proper gaming DIY PC for that).
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