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They will email you to ask for a proof that you are a student within 24 hours after you placed your order online, otherwise your order will be void.

If you are a student, den of cos purchase it under the education store for the attractive discount plus free airpods. I feel applecare is a good to have if you have the budget la.. otherwise, I can do without it just take good care of it..
Ah, I understand. Sounds like it's a 99.9% chance they will do a check. I was thinking of taking the advantage of the discount.

As for the AppleCare+ that's a concern gadgets stuff like this is purely based on luck if it spoils even if well taken care off. I'm also worried about the crazy repair fees. I read that it's common in the USA for Apple to overcharge for repairs. USB Port spoil? Ah yes change the entire motherboard. But I got to check the repair prices at Apple Store first.
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