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i've got a different experience. while i'm holding a student card for part time studies, I never got checked for 3 of my purchases since 2018. i think it's random.
Utter nonsense. I have been buying Apple products over the years (Macbooks, Ipads and iMacs) using the education store online and was never audited. Granted these are valid purchases, but they have never once emailed me to follow up with requests for verification.

Only if you purchase at the apple store will the staff ask for a student or educator card.

However, it is still a risk you are taking if you are not an educator or a student, no matter how small the chances are...
same here... never been checked... there was even a time when my payment was put on-hold... 2 days later, I called them and they did a manual procedure, MacBook Pro + Beats was delivered before the week ended.

it's easier to buy online... if you go to the physical store, they will ask for documents.

And even if they call you to audit... you're buying anyway and just trying your luck on some discount and free items...

check out below link before you purchase...
Thanks! The current promo with the Airpods makes a tempting deal! I might try buying from the education store to enjoy the offer. I still have my old Student Card, if they audit I will to use it.
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