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Yes and only because TLOU was released on the PS4 as a remaster, only very good titles get remastered and sell well though.

1. I'm pretty sure SIE charges platform fees for all games even if its a first party title, otherwise its lost revenue that they'd otherwise have collected from a 3rd party publisher, which means SIE (not ND) would have "lost money" (opportunity cost) publishing a first party title.

2. What stats show that digital sales > box sales? It was 50% last year, and many of them weren't even full priced titles. I doubt the pandemic would have caused such a huge surge, most consumers won't want to pay for a digital copy of a single player game that only last 25 hours.

3. You'd be surprised by how much AAA titles cost to make these days, especially for a title that took 7 long years to complete. 200m (including marketing cost) is par for the course for big AAA titles these days. Even ex-Sony boss says the whole thing is unsustainable, imagine plonking down 300m only to see it bomb or barely breakeven, its worse than gambling at the casino.
im sure if sony wanted to they can do the same to release a remastered ver. of not just tlou2 on ps5, but all of their first party games. although, i'm sure they will receive backlash this time round because their competitor microsoft will be releasing a free upgrade for all their first party titles.

1) er that simply doesn't make sense. sony is the platform holder and they charge themselves platform fees? so sony have to pay sony platform fee? so in the end sony still gets the $$$ by charging themselves?

2) info is directly from sony themselves. it's from their FY2019 report. it was stated that software digital ratio for games during Q4 2019(Jan to march 2020) was at 66%. current trends show that digital sales have been steadily increasing, surpassing physical sales. capcom for example reported to have sold 80% of their games via digital last report.

3) tlou2 definitely didn't took full 7 years of production to make the game. the game only really started to go into full production once naughty dog finished up uncharted 4 + lost legacy. prior to that, tlou2 was actually in pre production phase(concept ideas, planning, etc)

but i do agree with one of your initial point. exclusives are mainly to sell a console. sony use their games as loss leaders.
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