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A public place needs more tolerance. Same for the whole country. We need a place where people of all walks it the publicdo not get disrespected and abused
Let's see...I do agree with this and also practice this, I think.

But the other comments....Come come, let's break down what you're saying of me....

... it is just hurtful and unacceptably intolerant to tell an individual who believes something else that he is wrong and repeatedly do so.
... But what I do not agree with is your intolerance of other people's beliefs.
I asked Amon86 whether he willing to do measurements. In his roundabout way the answer was no. But he also mentioned a lot of other things, so I replied to those. All the time I mentioned that he is free to express his opinions.

So which part was hurtful and unacceptably intolerant again? That he has his opinions and it's fine, but I disagree? In a public forum? And I provided proper counter examples which no one addressed?

@petetherock sorry just saw your post. If my reply is inappropriate then delete
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