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Valid to who? You? Maybe I dunno your job or designation. But even if u were some authority on any subject, it is just hurtful and unacceptably intolerant to tell an individual who believes something else that he is wrong and repeatedly do so. I am, in truth, more likely to agree with wwenze's or even your scientific views than Amon's. But what I do not agree with is your intolerance of other people's beliefs. A public place needs more tolerance. Same for the whole country. We need a place where people of all walks, or the public, are safe from disrespect and abuse. I said before liao. Science is great. Things have changed. Yes. But are things conclusive yet? No. It is still advancing. Until the science becomes public knowledge like 1+1=2 is, we need to allow people to share their views freely without getting attacked. They started the thread. So just leave it alone if u dont agree with it. My suggestion for a science section or thread would solve this problem. No one unqualified would dare to comment in that thread. Isn't that your objective, to educate? So please start your science thread and leave the nice uncles alone.
Ya. Maybe we can have that kind of discussion.
SG already so tiny, everything we always get info from those audiophiles in the USA.
Yet we have all the hidden dragons inside here.
Also SG money not easy earn.
It will be good if combine the knowledge or use it further.
Not speaking on behalf of Amon or Wwenze or Pete. If Amon can get the parts and wwenze can test it,
then we have our own ASR. Probably a better one than the States.(At first i Google ASR means what... arithmetric shift right, automatic speech recognition. Later then realise it’s Audio Science Review).
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