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Challenging Experts to Make 3D Measurements of Amp/Speakers even cables...

OK, since you all are the experts. Throw out a challenge to you. Since you all say everything can be quantified and measured. Yes, can measure. But not like what you have done and not like ASR. I wanted to do this for a long time, but never had the equipment and knowledge to do it. But you are the experts, you can.

Eg. for frequency response.... What ASR did is just tell you amplitude vs frequency. Doesn't have time factored inside.... Music is varying amplitude + frequency over time. Time is the MOST important factor which is omitted by ASR tests.

A 3D graph is needed to plot these 3 axis. When you factor in time, it gets alot more complex. Below are some points to consider.

- rise and fall of amplitude at certain frequencies over time. Maybe this is what they meant by fast and slow.
- variations of the peaks/valley. I guess sharper peaks and valley could suggest better transients. Also perhaps better imaging?
- rounded peaks and valley for vocals means smoother voice?? Not so detailed?
- accuracy, do the frequencies vary as it should or they are off?

This is also where I believe that you will be able to get the answer you seek regarding cables. If they make no difference, then the 3D map will be the same. Lastly, you need to do this with various music. Orchestra music will be tough on equipment because of the number of instruments playing. Jazz will be slow but not necessary easier to play. the rock music etc....
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