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OK, since you all are the experts. Throw out a challenge to you. Since you all say everything can be quantified and measured. Yes, can measure. But not like what you have done and not like ASR. I wanted to do this for a long time, but never had the equipment and knowledge to do it. But you are the experts, you can.

Eg. for frequency response.... What ASR did is just tell you amplitude vs frequency. Doesn't have time factored inside.... Music is varying amplitude + frequency over time. Time is the MOST important factor which is omitted by ASR tests.

People trying to clarify some basic physics laws already you say they trying to act as experts. If I say a person fall from 20 storey building almost certainly body cannot take it will die, then I am medical expert ah....

Read some of your posts, you quite expert also lei.

And don't understand what you mean. So you're saying some audio cables can make air molecules store more energy then chut more power like half a second later?
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