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Need to seek your advice. I just started rsp 500$ monthly into ES3 (60%) and MBH (40%) via FSMONE.
So that's $300/month into ES3 and $200/month into MBH.

Not long after, I also started buying into VWRA at $1500 bi-monthly.
So that's $750/month into VWRA. As percentages it works to be:

ES3: 24%
MBH: 16%
VWRA: 60%

Many have said don't waste time on STI. May I ask should i stop buying into ES3 and put money into cspx or ogig instead?
Assuming you plan to retire in Singapore and have a right to do so, and assuming you're at least 10 years away from retirement (since you're tilted toward stocks), your allocations seem fairly reasonable. It's a little STI heavy for my tastes, but that's probably just due to rounding to nearest hundred dollar increments.

Are they correlated to VWRA?
First of all, assuming you're not a U.S. person you probably don't want to touch OGIG for tax-related reasons. VWRA already includes all the stocks in CSPX and OGIG, quite substantially, so yes, they're correlated. I'd just stick with VWRA.

CSPX and OGIG have been really high flying lately, near or at record all-time highs. If you're trying to time markets (you shouldn't), then this isn't the obvious time to get more interested in CSPX and OGIG.

I read the return for S&P is about 7% if you hold it for long term. What's your take on it?
It has been 7% or better retrospectively. That doesn't mean it will be even 7% going forward. I generally use 6% (nominal, U.S. dollar terms) as a long-term projection for the U.S. S&P 500, but I "stress test" using much lower figures.
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