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Any advice if term CI/early CI plans are worth getting, either solely or to complement DII?

Also, can suggest when to sell your stocks, for a person who does not monitor the markets daily? When it grows above/goes below a certain percentage? Or when cash is required?


OK, so this part means you don't need life insurance of any sort. You don't have any dependents. That's easy.

No, that's silly. If you're fine with public hospital care, then just insure to that level. If you're a Singaporean citizen then I suggest Great Eastern's Supreme Health B Plus, optionally with their Classic-B rider. That's an Integrated Shield plan designed to cover public hospital B1 ward on an "as charged" basis.

If you want DII coverage to 75% then yes, you could buy it all from Great Eastern ("PayAssure"). I believe it's also possible to buy the MINDEF/MHA group DII policy to 50% then "top up" to 75% (+25%) with Great Eastern or with AIA. But please check the policy conditions to make sure that's allowed, particularly Aviva's policy letter. You don't want Aviva to knock down its payout by half (from 50% to 25%) if/when you're also claiming from Great Eastern.

I'm not fond of Aviva's lack of tolerance for periods of unemployment. However, they generally have a relatively low premium. You get what you pay for, I suppose.

I don't think PA is particularly important.

You have no dependents, and evidently you don't have any plans to have any. Are you planning to spend Singapore dollars in your afterlife? That might be hard.

If you're "forced" to take life insurance in order to get some other policy you actually need and like -- and if the total premium is still attractive -- OK, so be it, but then you'd make that bundled life insurance as small and as inexpensive as allowed.
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