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Ya. Makes sense to go with a cheap AVR with an external amp.
That’s maximising our hard earned money.
Dun need keep changing AVR.
Nad’s concept of upgrading by modules rings into me.
I don’t like seeing electronics stuff getting replaced when they are working fine and just because of some minor hw/sw evolution.

So we just need an AVR to have a pre out connection? By a pre out connection, it just means a Pair of + & - connecting poles so that the external amp can just plug into?
I googled and it seems like it. So just want to confirm & chop.

Next is the question of integrated or power amp.
Been reading on this integrated vs power amp.
Integrated has this DAC built in, so theoretically listening to music will be nicer than power amp. Tio boh? Integrated amp has many knobs to tune, whereas power amp dun have.
I don’t think currently I’m in the group where will buy all the sub components like processors, external DAC and stuff. Too complicated for me, ain’t there yet and probably won’t.
Currently I listen to some songs. Acoustic songs really nice.
But some of those pop, rock & dance songs, the treble can be quite high.
So integrated amp allows me to tune down the treble/bass whereas power amp cannot right?
If you talking about movies, the issue is the software licensing fees that hardware companies need to pay to say Dolby / DTS etc. Integrated amps / receivers become a simple proposition to consumers: You want this new DTS surround software, buy the new receiver.

Companies need to make as much money as possible, simple truth.

You can go separates to reduce your expenses over time. But companies know this trick as well. Some will add better hardware components only for higher-end models. Other companies, because it's less costly to use the same components across models, will not bother changing their hardware.

The headache is how to determine which is which. That's why 3rd party testers like ASR / Audioholics etc are very useful in actually determining which are the good audio products and maximise your spend.
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