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Any advice if term CI/early CI plans are worth getting, either solely or to complement DII?
You wouldn't get either without DII, assuming you're able to purchase DII. Or at the very least I lack the imagination to come up with a scenario when DII is less important than CI or ECI. (If someone has such imagination, please chime in.)

I don't think CI or ECI are particularly important. I wouldn't classify them as genuine insurance necessities.

Also, can suggest when to sell your stocks, for a person who does not monitor the markets daily? When it grows above/goes below a certain percentage? Or when cash is required?
Two major occasions, really:

1. When you're periodically (once or twice a year, for example) rebalancing your portfolio to align with your desired allocations in your particular circumstances, such as your planned retirement date.

2. Yes, when you need to cash for immediate spending, and your stock holding is the best source of funds.

There's another possible reason that doesn't really apply to most residents of Singapore, and that's a sale for tax optimization reasons. For example, if you're getting ready to emigrate to a country with a capital gains tax, it might make sense to sell appreciated stocks before emigrating provided that's actually a legitimate, compliant approach to resetting the cost basis.
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