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Woops! My fault. Read wrongly.

Out of curiosity, what speakers are you currently considering?

Btw, since you have a Denon or anyone who also has a Marantz, I recommend you to watch this video direct from people working in Sound United (Denon and Marantz parent company). In their last few latest videos, they talk about Audyssey Room Correction optimization. So this is straight from the manufacturer's mouth. So it might help you take the guesswork out of your Audyssey Room Calibration experience.

Audyssey Room Optimization - Part 1 Features & Technical Overview

Audyssey Room Optimization - Part 2 Advance Set-up (MultEQ App)
Thanks for the vids! I'm considering elac debut reference dbr62 bookshelf speaker or elac unifi UF5 tower speaker. Dunno if my denon x3600h good enough for unifi uf5 3 tower LCR or not?

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