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I have been paying for my mum’s NTUC Enhanced incomeshield advantage rider, and as she goes up the age group, it gets more expensive. I’m paying about $793 for her age group now. She is 62 this year.
That appears to be the Deluxe Care Rider, which is actually $753 per year. Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

She has claimed once when she stayed at TTSH private ward for about 7 days (cannot recall as it was more than 7 years ago) due to a bacterial infection, and the hospitalisation expenses (about 7k) were covered by NTUC.
Yes, but she may have had the Plus Rider back then. She had the option to switch to the Deluxe Care Rider which requires a 5% co-payment (cash or usually MediSave payable), capped at $3,000 per policy year. So a $7,000 bill at TTSH would result in a $350 co-pay.

There's a Classic Care Rider available which operates pretty much the same way except it's a 10% co-pay, still with a $3,000 per policy year cap. So a $7,000 bill at TTSH would result in a co-pay of $700. The Classic Care Rider costs $322 per year in her age bracket ($431 less). That's quite a big premium difference, isn't it?

As with most old folks her age, she doesn’t have adequate insurance coverage (like DI or term etc).
Actually, DII is term to age 65, typically. So she's not really missing that. Term life insurance is only necessary if she has a dependent, and that's unlikely if you're paying for her Integrated Shield rider. NTUC's Enhanced IncomeShield Advantage plan is their public hospital A ward Integrated Shield plan.

I'd say that next on the list of policies to consider is CareShield Life, which should be available to her starting in mid 2021. (Does she have ElderShield already?) CSL is basically long-term care insurance.

I feel that it would be a “waste” to let go of the rider as she could only rely on the private medical insurance for big medical bills.
Fortunately there's a much lower cost rider that still caps out of pocket costs for covered services at $3,000 per policy year. Another possible option is to shift to NTUC's Enhanced IncomeShield Basic plan, but that's designed to cover public hospital B1 ward (i.e. 4 bedded rooms), not the single bedded room.

I’m also paying for the rider for my own Ntuc enhanced incomeshield advantage.
Same deal, really: if you're on the Plus Rider (a "legacy" rider that's no longer available) or Deluxe Care Rider, you could consider the Classic Care Rider.

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