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Need recommendation for HDMI TV Media Player

Hi all

I'm looking for a Media Player box to play videos from External HDD to a non smart TV.

My parents are currently using a 2012 WD TV box but it finally failed after so many years.

The home TV is NOT a smart TV, so no WI-FI / Apps / Netflix enabled, just a basic HD 1080P Philips TV with 2 HDMI ports (and some other ports).

Would appreciate if you guys can recommend some cheap media player, and preferably able to buy locally in stores (for warranty purposes). As long as there is 1 USB port to plug in a external HDD and comes with a remote, good enough. Basic, no need Android or any special function.

I tried to google the same brands like WD but it seems like they're not making these devices anymore.

Thanks in advance!
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