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Buy nvidia shield pro.
Non pro no USB connection for external hdd.
Shield pro is a very high performance 4k player.
I tried before take ripped 50gb high hitrate movie put inside thumbdrive and go to test on many android boxes. All cannot play due to lots of buffering.
I havenít personally tried on shield pro. But I googled and many overseas Angmo users claim ok.
If u can find any hand oppo will be good too.

But itís not cheap. Around $400.
If your movies are non 4k high bitrate then I think any $100 android boxes can do.
Caurosell got many people selling.
I went with my USB with a movie and went to the place to try.
Thanks for the recommendations but it's too expensive. The videos we view are usually 1080p. My TV isn't even 4K, so no point.

I'm avoiding Android Boxes because we already have one, but it's damn hard to use (on a TV). The remote acts like a "touch screen" and the pointer always go missing.

I prefer those with custom firmware, like my WD TV kind. Simple remote functions, detect HDD, go into respective folder, press the video and play.
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