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in part 2 thread!!!!

those feeder guppies actually can buy and rear. some of them actually v pretty, just that they have abit of flaw hence fail QC and cull and become feeder guppies

Rear feeder guppies also v suitable for beginners and also for children

Just get a 2 feet cheap china plastic tank with a cheap china made filter, throw the feeder guppies into the conditioned water and the guppies will breed like mad

Oh, rmb to get cheap plants like hornwort or java fern too so that the babies can hide inside and grow in future

buy a cheap light as well as the plant need light to grow. if u r on budget, then just put it besides a window with indirect sunlight which is what i am doing The indirect sunlight can also kill the harmful germ bacteria inside fish tank too

then buy the cheapest fish food which cost about $1.50-$2 to feed the guppies once a day will do always better to underfeed than overfeed

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