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Thank you David!!!

I followed your recommendation and have successfully pinged to my RPi4!
I am now updating and upgrading it headless and wireless.

So the pi is working, only the screen/mouse/keyboard might not be working for the pi...

The blinking lights do seems to indicate properly powered hardware. If the red light doesn't blink occasionally, then it should not be a boot loop situation.

Connect the raspberry pi to the network using ethernet, then type "ping raspberrypi", or "ping raspberrypi.local", repeat for a couple of times, see if there is any response.

Try download the latest Raspbian, from, and image to your SD card. From your description, we can't be sure the SDcard OS image is working, unless you have any PI to test out.

It would be good to find out if the HDMI ports are having problem too with these tests. Idea is if it does boot up, it should at least reply with network ping.
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