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Need advise on petrol credit card. Really too many patterns out there.

I generally have low spend on credit card and even if I do, it would be on my other card.

Can anyone advise which card is best for fuel discount without terms attached?
Many of the card have minimum spending and I find it quite hard to achieve.

The DBS Esso card looks to fit my purpose, but is there any better one out there?
Chg yr fuel to Dbs esso credit card - 17% direct disc. Monthly min 180$ fuel spend will giv u 7$ rebate on yr bill. Also if u hav multiplier acc, the amount spend in posb/dbs cc will consolidate in the total amt transactions which will giv u xtra interests on yr multiplier acc based on the "tiered table".

Tats wat i using nw to chg my petrol exp
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