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first, choose the car you want to buy.
only after this, you tell the SE that you want OPC scheme.
it is the retail price - 17000 + 100to200 admin fee. so teh final price you pay will be a little more than -17K.

on the contrary, on top of hte standard discounts, you should and must ask for more giveaways because the car price includes 1 year road tax paid by the dealer, but with ROPC, they paid $500 less for you. so ask for more things, not less than normal plate.
For insurance package from the dealer(if u must take it from the dealer), make sure it is meant for OPC insurance, which should be cheaper.

Additional question - Is it true that the dealers will offer additional discount if I take up loans with them, and I assume they need you to commit to a minimum loan tenure / amount to enjoy the discounts. Is this typically worthwhile to take up? Or better off with a loan elsewhere (e.g. through the bank)?
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