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Theres no diff in buying normal plate car or ropc car.

Jus tell se u wan ropc will do.. they wun mark up or ask u pay extra for anything.. freebies wise, depends very much on ur nego skills.. otherwise, wat they give to normal car also same as ropc car.

If upfront tell SE, e car price will be less 17k.. if u buy normal n convert later at lta, lta will on rebate you every 6 months (if not wrong) only. I.e. u wun upfront receive e full amount.

hi all, could anyone enlighten the process for buying a car? If I am interested to purchase a car on ROPC, how would that work? I understand usually the dealer will bid the COE on your behalf, will going for a ROPC car change this process? Do we need to communicate this to the SE? Or is this more of a post-buying process where you convert to a red plate after purchase and then separately receive the rebate?
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