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Repeatability i emphasize

if u can plot a graph exactly the same 10 out of 10... then u are good to go...

else you can forget about your experiment
Even if you can repeat the test, there is still one hurdle you cannot overcome. What contributes as audible difference and whats "better" ?? Eg, SNR 95 and 100. Difference is 5. Can see on graph, but does it result in any audible difference?? This one is subjective.

If you take a 10 pple sample in a blind test, 2 thinks 95 one is better, 3 thinks 100 one is better. 5 think no difference. Because of human perception of whats is better, its extremely difficult to have a conclusion.

Its also not limited to sound. Even same song sung by different singers.... how do you measure objectively which singer sings it best? Its impossible.
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