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Making it a quieter system:
1) Changing the 4x 40mm fans in the Mikrotik switch to Noctua 40x20 PWM fans.
2) Changing the 2x 40mm fans in 1U-1.5U server chassis fans to Noctua 40x20 PWM fans.

Server Arrangement:
Level 5: 1U chassis running pfsense 2.4.5
Level 4: 1U adapter for Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch 10XP
Level 3: 1U Mikrotic CRS312
Level 2: Breath Gap
Level 1: Base tray for Singtel ONR & MR ONT

Mikrotik CRS305 at homelab connected to 10Gbps port on the Netgear GS110EMX via SFP+ to RJ45 modules and direct to PC through DAC.


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