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how long do you plan to keep the device?

3-5 years? nothing beats the iPad.
2-3 years? you can look at options from Samsung
I agree. iPad can last 6-7 years when it comes to HW, and probably 4-5 years when it comes to FW upgrades.

My iPad 2 worked from 2011 to 2018 (battery swollen, died)

My iPad Mini 1 has been working from 2013 to now, no FW updates, stuck with iOS 9, but still working.

So I bought iPad 2018 and iPad 2019 in 2018/2019, mainly for the two kids. They were very useful during the Home Based Learing this April and May. We only have one Windows laptop at home. But the iPad can do most of the things for kids in primary school.

I buy the cheapest WiFi models of iPad.
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