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Because FR measurements are never 100% accurate

Take the below for example. I measured 3 without changing anything, then stood up from my chair, hid below the table, measured 3, and then went back onto the chair, and took 1 measurement. Note the differences within each group and between each group. This is close mic with a cardioid microphone, too, yet look at the effect of where I sit.

Above was with sine sweep. If you use pink noise, you would also notice the first measurement is always very off, and then it slowly averages to what it should be. However no two measurements will be the same.
So Sine wave is better than pink noise?
I think these tests must be done in a controlled environment aka no aircon, no fan etc.
The tester probably cannot be in the room.
I think probably itís really difficult to carry out these tests and thus cable companies never really perform the tests to verify their claims as it could backfire on them when a customer or some audio expert perform the test and contradicts theirs.
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