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Think so. Actually Iím aiming to get LG CX oled but still thinking of size vs picture quality.
Do take into consideration your distance as well.
My sitting position is around 250cm from the TV.
With the 65" TV, watching Japanese anime and Korean variety/dramas are already on the edge of watchable due to the subtitle size and positioning not being easy for the eyes to look up and down with as compared to a smaller size TV. So something to consider when going for a bigger screen. I wanted to go bigger because I love the immersion but man... watching anime, and Korean shows like Running Man, I am glad I can modify the subtitle size for some shows depending on the website. (I watch my overseas shows on Viu or Netflix. So nothing illegal )

So take into consideration whether you have platforms that allow you to make it easier for you to watch and read subtitles without having you to move away from the video itself just to be able to read the subtitle from a huge screen. It's not fun at all and quite distracting since you'll miss the scenes as you are reading the subtitle from one end of the TV to the other if the subtitle is big or too small and low on the screen from the scene. It's some of the annoyances I experience ever since getting a bigger screen while still having that same distance.
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