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If u talking about feet to put between bookshelf speakers and stands then I recommend simple rubber feet. Small and flat surface better than round semi circle ones. Small is to have minimum contact to speaker and stand. Flat surface is to provide more resistance to micro lateral movement caused speaker drivers. May help speakers sound more precise and textured. Maybe that's why if u buy speaker stands they usually come with rubber feet to put on the stand top plate.

From daiso... The earthquake gel I feel is no good. Seems to mess up timing of sounds. I tried cork before also so so only. After many months of trying I decided small rubber feet is best and cheap and easy to use. Spike should be good although more expensive but I dont wanna have glue on speaker bottom.
Okie. Thanks.

Am at Sim Lim tower, looking for these spikes.
Saw a shop selling palic spike $16 per pic. And their palic y spade $10.80.

Popped into a cable shop and owner recommend to me use coaxial cable for speaker. So any diff between coaxial and regular copper cable?
I see the coaxial core is so thin.
Quite stun cos all along I thought speaker use those copper cable.

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