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Help improving WiFi speeds on Velop network

Hi All,

Tried trawling through the threads here, but didn't find anything specific so thought would start a thread. Apologies if I should've posted this in another thread.

I have a Singtel 1gb connection with a Huawei HG8240T5 ONR. This is connected to the master Velop node with additional 5 nodes spread around the house (yes, might be overkill but had 6, so decided to use all of them...). The Velop is the AC2200 tri band system. Apt is 2350sqft

As of right now, the ONR has it's DHCP on as does my Velop. However the only WiFi is from the Velop so there is generally no clash. A few questions to the Gurus here (and thanks in advance for the gyan/advice).

1. Is my network setup optimal? I can't find any way of setting my ONR in bridge mode, and I am hesitant to set up the Velop in bridge mode (might be too painful). The Velop gets 950+mbps on it's connection so I am guessing it's not bad

2. On the main Velop node - using my phone, I get ~500+mbps. However, my TV - which is placed a few feet from the node manages only 120mbps, which I find odd. It's is perfectly serviceable, but still a question mark.

3. Inside the house, I have my PC setup. One node is placed next to the PC for only the PC to use (Connected wired). I get speeds of ~350mbps on this which is serviceable again, but I would ideally like to improve upon this. I have tried introducing a node between the parent (sitting in the living room) and my PC Connector and tried to use that to bounce the signal, but the PC connector always steers itself to the living room

To add, I have done the following

1. Using Cat6 cables (got them free )
2. DHCP reservations for all devices
3. Lease time to 60 minutes

Any advice on how (if) I can optimise my network further will be much appreciated.

Cheers and many thanks in advance.

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