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At Sim Lim ogling at the test equipment.
Always familiar with continuity measurement which is resistance. Ohms.
Then saw a insulation resistance, which is a measure of how well the insulation can prevent current from escaping.
So a random thought. If the copper conductor is good but the insulation is poor, current will escape.
Wonder if those audiophiles who test cable continuity got test insulation resistance.
For this one, I feel its quite minor. This is because the voltage used by our speakers isn't high enough to overcome the resistance from the insulation. The cables are mostly using insulation like PVC, teflon etc... All have good insulation properties.

IMHO, the bigger issue will be the insulation acting as dielectric which results in increase capacitance.

Another thing appears to be insulation reacting with the copper. I read that the chlorine from the insulation may react with the copper cause a change in the inductance. Its minor though.
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