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1. Is my network setup optimal? I can't find any way of setting my ONR in bridge mode, and I am hesitant to set up the Velop in bridge mode (might be too painful). The Velop gets 950+mbps on it's connection so I am guessing it's not bad
Its fine to leave it that way. It will just cause double NAT, which some users do not like. VPN and some online gaming could be affected.

2. On the main Velop node - using my phone, I get ~500+mbps. However, my TV - which is placed a few feet from the node manages only 120mbps, which I find odd. It's is perfectly serviceable, but still a question mark.
Most likely, your TV can only connect to the 2.4ghz band (which is slower speeds). Most IOT devices are using older/cheaper network cards which don't support 5ghz band.

3. Inside the house, I have my PC setup. One node is placed next to the PC for only the PC to use (Connected wired). I get speeds of ~350mbps on this which is serviceable again, but I would ideally like to improve upon this. I have tried introducing a node between the parent (sitting in the living room) and my PC Connector and tried to use that to bounce the signal, but the PC connector always steers itself to the living room
Speeds are dependent on whether the node has a direct line of sight with another node. If you have walls/doors/furniture/other obstructions blocking it, it would reduce the wifi strengths between the nodes (wireless backhaul) & speeds. To get max speeds, only way is to use wired backhaul.
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