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Okay let me try. I also dont know cause i have talked some of the issues, but like how am I gonna explain the culture part and its just me where i want to try a different culture. Im not sure on how to phrase it properly to make it sound convincing. Like i just want to go to a different place and experience their life. Somewhere which is actually much more happier.
Well if you cannot explain the case here, it will be hard making a case to your mum without knowing what is her concern. To make it worst ppl here donít know u or your mum. Say extreme case, you are a lady and has not shown her the past u are mature and responsible in all your actions. What u say is never going to change her mind. She just want someone to monitor and spot check you; or go to your help cause u always in trouble.

U can google for the advantage of study aboard and u find plenty of pages explaining trying to convince the reader. Try that read those and formulate your own approach to speak to your family.

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