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Comparing US$8 - $50 XLR cables with measurements.

Note how the guy has to amplify the signal by almost 50db to see any actual effects from external EMI, but pretty cool to see and hear the interference.

Go to 10:40 mark to see the conclusions. But to summarize, no tonal / frequency response differences between the 4 cables at all. Price difference is purely for build quality, shielding, branding and warranty.

So unless you like to anyhow rub your cables against EMI sources like power bricks very often, the cheapest XLR cables (out of these 4) are perfectly fine. And the exact same findings can be applied to speaker cables too.

Then just for fun, compare the above with this.
He only starts talking about cables from 02:30. A manufacturer who definitely have the ability and equipment to show measurements, and yet the best he can manage (to answer the question) are his descriptions of 'everyone who came into room heard 'striking' differences...', 'system not revealing enough...', etc
Oh yah, and he's 'best friends' with the cable manufacturer, so....

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