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Angry SingPost vPost is an ABSOLUTE DISASTER. AVOID.

Let me share my experience....

vPost from USA to Singapore by SingPost is a COMPLETE DISASTER.


The affiliation to Singapore's national postal service is a red herring. It gave me the FALSE impression of quality, competence and professionalism when it turned out to be an ABSOLUTE DISASTER.

I ordered an office chair from a manufacturer in the USA. That is a NASDAQ-listed company. The model I ordered has been in production and is sold world-wide for more than 10 years.

I believed vPost's FALSE claim of "convenience", "reliable" service and "more savings", That gives customers a FALSE belief that it is a simple matter to ship from the USA to Singapore, I had my chair delivered to SingPost vPost USA forwarding address.

The office chair arrived on 8 June 2020.

I was surprised/shocked that SingPost vPost classified the chair as a pressurised restricted dangerous item.

Then, the NIGHTMARE began.

I was asked to provide MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for the chair to prove that it is safe. Since the chair was made by a public-listed company with a >US$1 billion market cap, all safety, environmental and quality certifications, assembly and disassembly instructions down to the last screw, were available and provided to SingPost vPost.

SingPost vPost replied to insist that the chair has pressurised parts .... when the manufacturer (the professionals who designed and made the chair) informed that those are spring mechanisms.

I was given 4 options -
1. return the chair to manufacturer (I had to provide prepaid postage label from manufacturer AND pay admin fees to SingPost);
2. redirect to another address in the USA (I had to pay full postage AND admin fees to SingPost);
3. had ANOTHER courier company pick up the chair from SingPost USA warehouse (i.e. I had to pay another courier company for the nonsense from SingPost vPost);
4. DISCARD the chair (SingPost vPost did not pay for the chair, so I suppose it is none of their business).

I checked around, to verify the "dangerous pressured item" claim by SingPost, and the "cannot clear customs and ship to Singapore" claim.


1. DHL and FeDex immediately confirmed ability to ship and quoted me.
2. comGateway, ezBuy, myShip and other freight-forwarders confirmed that they could ship the chair from US to Singapore.
3. A seller on Shopee confirmed selling 500+ such chairs in Singapore.
4. A local distributor in Singapore has been bringing in and selling chairs, including this model, from this manufacturer for years.
5. SingPost's own "dedicated buy-for-me concierge" service AORA quoted me when I requested to purchase this chair and deliver it to Singapore, at a 5% surcharge.

After communicating with all the other freight-forwarders, I decided to give the business to ezbuy as their warehouse was only 20 minutes drive from SingPost's warehouse in Oregon, Portland. Ezship's forwarding address was provided to SingPost.

SingPost vPost invoiced me S$305.26 !!! to forward my chair to another address 20 minutes drive from theirs. That was an ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING AMOUNT. It cost MORE than the estimated USA to Singapore delivery charges quoted by SingPost themselves.

It was even more laughable to know that SingPost vPost engaged UPS to do the local re-direction in USA. I was given tracking info from UPS. Completely ludicrous!

And, I had to constantly chase them for more than a week for them to create a confusing "dummy invoice" so that I can pay S$305.26. That "dummy invoice" had options for economy, standard and sea freight, and listed my address in Singapore. Here we have, SingPost, a Singapore national postal entity, giving a customer a FAKE invoice, to take customer's monies to engage another courier to do a delivery they could not do themselves.

As for the Standard Chartered Bank credit card tie up, the promotional codes did NOT work on a "dummy invoice". As a result, I used a business recommended by Standard Chartered Singapore, and was severely penalized instead. 😡😡😡

All in all, my chair arrived at SingPost vPost warehouse on 8 June 2020. It was re-directed to another freight-forwarder on 15 July 2020 at a cost of S$305.26.

Do NOT use SingPost if you do NOT want to be given
1. Nonsensical crap EXCUSES when they do not want to deliver your item,
2. Waste TIME chasing them to get things done,
3. Waste A LOT OF MONIES on incompetent imbeciles when the job was actually done by someone else.

SingPost vPost had been informed in my emails that those communications and this experience will be made publicly available.

And, still this kind of crap from them ...
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