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At Sim Lim ogling at the test equipment.
Always familiar with continuity measurement which is resistance. Ohms.
Then saw a insulation resistance, which is a measure of how well the insulation can prevent current from escaping.
So a random thought. If the copper conductor is good but the insulation is poor, current will escape.
Wonder if those audiophiles who test cable continuity got test insulation resistance.
I use insulation resistance tester in my work for electrical installations. Two cables close to each other is like 2 plates of a capacitor.

Current may "flow" thru the phase conductor and the other cable. Like you mentioned, if good insulation, less current can flow, thus the insulation resistance reading is higher.

For us is to look at the reading and ensure that we dont connect a shorted outgoing cable to the circuit breaker and turn it on on a short circuit.

But i did not try it on audio cables before. There is an option to select how many volts you want to send thru.

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