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Are you using UPNP? If you do, disable it. You might be allowing devices inside your network to open ports on their free will due to UPNP.

If you are concern, which I think you should if you have a NAS that can be access remotely or several IOTs. Run a firewall like pfsense, OPNsense, etc. Every IP in and out will be logged. It will even link you to the online resources and security database to define the location and reputation level of the DNS/IP accessing to/from your network. And you get to decide whether to block/suppress it or kill states.

I recommend just simply running pfblockerNG on pfsense. Block all the unnecessary/notorious stuff through GeoIPs and IP/DNS filter as first line of defense. Save you the initial trouble of filtering it one by one on your own.

An example of how much has been blocked by the firewall in just 2 days after the last reload.

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