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BTW, just wondering what prompts you to upgrade from 1Gbps to 10 Gbps for the home network. Any real use cases at home? Or is it more for future proof?

Is it possible to save some money if setting up an interim 2.5Gbps home network?

I notice that you are still using 2x1Gbps Internet (SingTel and M1). Is it really required as both are pretty reliable?
Future proofing, have some fun, transfer large files from PC to 2 NAS library in different rooms (living room and homelab).....more keen towards having some fun to set it up.

Maybe it is only me, I always wanted to start with 10Gbe 3 years ago, knowing the unit's internal cabling is Cat6. Going 1Gbe seems a waste to the existing infrastructure, and I rather future proof it.

For my case, the Mikrotik CRS312 does comes with 8x multi-gig, but my NIC only runs at 1Gbe or 10Gbe, so might as well 10Gbe. Not really sure if 2.5Gbe switches will save some money coz never had any chance to compare. I know QNAP will soon launch an affordable unmanaged 2.5Gbe switch soon. For my case I will prefer managed/smart switches which can be tag with VLANs.

Not using M1. I am running MyRepublic 1Gbps as default ISP for all LAN connected devices, Singtel 1Gbps for wifi, CCTV and IOTs. I do have some critical work linked to my workplace system which I could not have any downtime when working/control remotely from home. Having 2x ISPs are part of the BCP, even my network servers are backed with UPS just in case power trip.
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