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Measurable, audible, or magical?

Depends on what speaker.
Hahaha I've read about the cable saga and have no wish to recreate another scene like that.

I'm more inclined towards dealing with factual statistics that can actually be seen. The speakers in question are the Edifier S3000 Pros, for which I really appreciate your review of it (probably should have gotten the s2000 pros for my desk, but they were out of stock and the 3000s were on sale for a price that would hit your 4.5 score requirement).

Can't resist the opportunity to ask another question: As I recall, you also posted a tip about placing a piece of paper between the $2 daiso earthquake gel and the speaker in another thread. Is it just for aesthetics (to avoid the speaker base discolouration after removing the gel in the future) or are there other considerations too?

Keen to hear about what you have to say about the 3.5mm jack vs USB topic, and any additional thoughts about the Edifiers are welcome too!
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