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Power sia, can feel my wallet screaming at me not to get enticed

Simply epic set up you have man

P.s have you thought of funneling the fans into one way in and one way exhaust?

From the picture it seems it will be all over the place for airflow if you’re trying to keep it cool

Just curious and thinking out loud

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Yes, will direct all fans to exhaust out of the cabinet in one direction.

The many fans set up you see in the top picture is actually my current set up. Have not upgraded yet.

In this project, all default 40mm fans will all change to Noctua 40mm silent fans. Will be replacing 6 of them, 2 on my 1U pfsense chassis, 4 on Mikrotik CRS312. Will change the direction of the Dynatron 1U CPU blower fan to blow out in same direction too.
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