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To all,

I just signed up and wonder about the following points. Would appreciate if someone could enlighten me.

1. If i charge about 1.5k to my premiermiles card, for my CFA certification, would it count as qualifying spend?

2. Also, I signed up with and not sure if I am eligible for the 26,500 welcome bonus if I choose not to spend 9,000 in 3 months?

1. You have to either check with CFA what the MCC would be, or if someone else here has paid via CC for their CFA they might be able to answer.

2. It is written very clearly that you need to spend the $9,000, on top of paying the annual fee to be eligible. If either you do not spend 9,000, or you get the annual fee waived, you will not get it.

26,500 Citi Miles
Bonus Citi Miles earned upon meeting spend requirement + payment of annual fee
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