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Recently government announce they come out with alot of traineeship jobs.

Anybody here who is above 30 years old, got retrenched than cannot find job and apply this program?

Do they accept people who are retrenched?
To government, mid career refers to people who are 40 years and above. Traineeships are those like interns just you get higher pay. So for 30+ mostly can't apply for those traineeships.

If you are 30years old + , try the so-called SGUnited skills program. You can go to Skillsfuture course website and search by SGUS tag or SGunited skills tag. Basically they give you allowance ($1.2k-$1.5k per month) for studying or "re-skilling" and help you to find job at the same time as what you study.

If you are into IT or don't mind an IT job, you can check out these:

Though I heard that the amount of applications is currently massive, so even if you apply you may not be able to get in.
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