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Hello all, looking for a little advice from you guys again. Are there any differences in audio quality between using the 3.5mm jack vs USB A for active speakers when connected to let's say a desktop/ laptop setup?

My understanding is that I'm utilizing the inbuilt DAC of my computer system when connected using the 3.5mm jack, and if connected via USB it will be pure digital signal that goes through the active speaker's amp? If my line of thought is accurate, I should be use the USB connection to fully utilize the active speakers I purchased? Many thanks for your guidance.
Always prefer stuff to be seggregated, especially electronic items, hence would suggest you get a standalone DAC and output the DAC via balance connection to your speaker.

Again not a huge fan of BT connections but since you already own that speaker and is happy with it i think this would be fine.

Again, if you are using PC as the source, your mediaplayer and output software will affect the SQ. I'm using foobar2k with asio4all (

Again, the output depends on the quality of the input therefore if you're playing low quality mp3s then you can just stick to the current setup, no point fixing 1 place while being bottle neck elsewhere.

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