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Hi. My Lan card is capable of 1gbps - I checked. If I plug my laptop into the main VELOP router, I get ~1gbps. I don't have stuff hardwired where my work desk is located so trying to optimise my wifi.

I will try and test more things and report back.

thanks a lot

1) test LAN from computer to directly the Router's LAN port [ not the blue WAN ] first velop from the ONT [ optical network port ]

2) test LAN directly to the 2nd node [ just to see if the connection is as slow as the wlan ]

3) test connecting Velop [ 1st node , which is directly hooked to your ISP fiber modem ] -----> LAN cable to Velop 2nd node ----> Lan cable from 2nd Velop Node to your computer and test.

this should give a rough idea :

- if its signal between the nodes
- degrading node [ rare but possible ]
- something else which ive no clue at the moment.

For the Velop node, to gain the best possible speed and connectivity, have them line up in line-of sight : aka the two Velop can physically see each other if they have eyes on them
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