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Looking at getting apple watch but will probably wait till watch 6 is released (sep apparently?).

Just wondering if most ppl get gps or gps cellular? Besides the difference in price of watch there is also the monthly cost of the sim card to consider. My phone is always with me & unlike some who might leave home without it eg going for jog, thatís not my case.

That said, I guess there is no point for me wasting $ on gps cellular then? Dumb question, since gps model is connected to my iphone via Bluetooth, what happens IF (unlikely but safer to ask) i decide to get wireless earphones one day?

Its not possible to connect 2 devices simultaneously to my iphone via Bluetooth right? On that topic, since TraceTogether app uses Bluetooth too, any issues if my apple watch is connected to my iphone via Bluetooth?
for me, I get gps cellular cos sometimes my phone may go flat and I would always want that option to call out in case of any emergency. also, when I jog with my apple watch gps cellular, I don't need my phone along and it will track my distance accurately.

otherwise the gps is good enough I guess. for bluetooth, there's no problem with multiple usage.
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