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Advice on Part Time Accounting Course

Hi Everyone,

I am new to HardwareZone, a quick introduction of myself, I have 10 years of work experience and I hold a private diploma from PSB, and I wish to pursue my part-time Accounting Degree.

After doing some online research, I have also found the following Universities that provide the part-time accounting course:
1. Kaplan (International business, Birmingham City)
2. RMIT (Accountancy)
3. SUSS (Accountancy)
4. Singapore Institute of Technology (Accountancy)

Please advise is Coventry University at PSB recognized in Singapore?

Please share some highlights of the programmes if anyone of you graduated from Coventry University at PSB.

Should I choose other university listed 1 to 4 instead of PSB?

Some of the modules could be exempted if I continue with PSB for the part-time degree hence I could complete the course within 2 years.
However, the drawback is I need to start from year 1 if I am accepted by another university.

My objective of getting a degree is to give me a higher chance for my career advancement.

I look forward to your valued advice and opinion.

Thank you for your time reading this post.
Stay Safe and Well.
Best regards,
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