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Just give you guys an example.

2020-07-28, 14:40:24 ALLOW UDP -> on eth1
2020-07-28, 14:40:24 BLOCK UDP -> on eth1

This IP address is scanning my port on a daily basis and non stop although I block the access. Even when I change my external IP address, it will still come and hunt me. So I am not sure if there is anything within my network that is causing this. My outgoing table log shows nothing on this particular IP address.

A quick WHOIS search on this IP address reveal the following information:

NetHandle: NET-146-88-240-0-1
Parent: NET-146-0-0-0-0
NetRange: -
NetType: assignment
Comment: NETSCOUT | Arbor Networks Research Scanner
RegDate: 2016-10-27
Updated: 2019-06-24
AbuseHandle: ASERT-ARIN
Source: ARIN

Going to the and the main page says

Not sure if its legit... So what do you guys think?
Ha.....ha.....ha......maybe the CIA, Russian, CCP or even our MIW IBs after you leh

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