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So sad. Really. If I had this option, I would have thrown the receivers out the window and just depend on my PC and an amplifier to power the speakers.

But by right, it could actually be possible. Look at the Trinnov line of Receivers and Amplifiers. They are literally running PC hardware with an Intel Core i5 CPU along with custom boards that they create to use as DACs (which PC motherboards have) and amplifiers that terminates to those normal speaker ports.

Then they created a code based on Linux as what they said in an Interview and call it a very powerful receiver deserving of the $8000+ price tag.

So it should actually be possible to create a custom PCie card slot and having the power supply cables powering the card similar to how a Graphics card works and have the ports be speaker terminals and just have a software run similar to how the Trinnov, Marantz/Denon software runs to tell which port goes to what speaker and so on.
Then have a few HDMI-in port to accept audio signals to process the audio signals. Something like the Elgato capture card that can accept multi-channel audio and from there, just reroute to the specific line-out or speaker ports.

It would have been a lot cheaper overall to buy those PC components and just buy a software to run it all. But alas, it didn't happen. So we have to depend on the receiver manufacturers to do literally the same thing and charge exorbitant prices unfortunately.

I really love your idea and would have opted for that option in a heartbeat if that were possible. Great thinking.

The easiest is indeed RCA. We have a 7.1 line-out port on some motherboards and soundcards. I've used a PC line-out to RCA adapter before. But the limitation is Windows and the lack of updates to RCA to accept Height channels and recognizing height channels in the case of Windows.
Because if we have a choice to change the 7.1 to 5.1.2 in Windows Sound Settings, we can just use the line-out to RCA adapter and connect to an external Amplifier that will just act as a dumb amplifier and maybe have Dirac Live Filter (like how some does) and just redirect the audio to the speakers. And we can easily get Atmos and DTS-X this way too. Alas, we can't cos Windows itself is not able to decode and send the signal to the corresponding speakers via PCM. So with the missing height metadata information, it is of no use as well.

So again, need to depend on an external receiver to do this decoding and placement of object based audio that could by right, easily be done with a way more powerful PC than that of the outdated and underpowered components found in receivers to begin with.

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