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Even if price were not a factor, I would go for the Envy unless you value Thunderbolt 3 and the extra USB-C ports and the IR sensor. The laptop can also be charged through the Envy's USB-C port so probably not a biggie for most people (unless you need to output dual 4k monitors etc).

The Envy should be a faster laptop. It is also equipped with 16Gb RAM Vs 8gb RAM on the Spectre (think only the 2.8k version has 16gb RAM). I'm not sure how the quality of the Spectre's Full HD is like, but the 4k version of that display has a very irritating digitiser grid pattern. The Envy x360 also has the same pattern but is not so noticeable.

Build quality wise, the Envy x360 is about the same standard as the Spectre x360 I feel. I don't quite like the gem cut design of the Spectre x360.
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